Cloud-native/microservices training class

Presented a full day microservice and cloud-native app development training class at the .NET Conf for Microservices conference. Interestingly, we had over 11,000 viewers attend.

The training course is here for you. Enjoy!!

Introducing microservices

Modeling and architecting microservices

Microservice communication

Deploying microservices to Kubernetes

Deploying service mesh to Kubernetes

Distributed data in microservices

What exactly is cloud native?

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Robert Vettor, a Premier Developer consultant who specializes in microservices and cloud native architecture. Robert’s in the process of writing a great book on “Architecting Cloud-Native .NET Apps for Azure” which is available now in a preview version. I found our conversation enlightening – Robert’s always so locked into the realities of both legacy code and the real-world strengths and liabilities that come with developing and supporting enerprise software. I’m sure you will too.