CloudSkew is Cool (and free)

Spend a lot of time drawing diagrams for customers.

My default tool has been Visio. Over the years, I’ve learned how to get things done with it. That said, I do find it cumbersome and clunky. Have been looking at LucidChart as an alternative.

However, for quick sketch-up, you can’t beat CloudSkew. From a remote call with a customer, I can fire up CloudSkew and sketch with the customer as we talk through scenarios and ideas.

Don’t expect the feature set of Visio, but you can get things done fast.

One of the most appealing things is its full set of cloud icons — they are installed and ready to use with no configuration. I use the full set of Azure icons. But, there are also AWS and GCP icons available as well.


At some point, when the customer and I agree, we can always move to Visio or LucidChart for a more permanent document.

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